Morning Headlines: Friday 22nd September 2017

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Overnight Fire 

Photograph shows the fire at ABC Hyvinkää / Credit: Tilannehuone

A major fire has destroyed the roof of an ABC in Hyvinkää, and firefighters are still working on the scene this morning. The alarm was raised just before midnight, and fire officials say the blaze started in the kitchen, and soon spread to the roof. When rescue crews arrived at the scene the fire had already spread to a wider area and the alarm level was increased. According to firefighters, about 20 customers were evacuated from the building by staff when the outbreak first happened.


PM Meets Emanuel Macron

Finnish Prime Minister Sipilä will be in Paris today to meet French President Emmanuel Macron. The meeting, which will take place in the Elysee Palace, is the first bilateral meeting between the two leaders. On the agenda, a number of EU issues, with the Finnish delegation waiting to hear Macron’s vision for the EU’s economic and monetary affairs.

Bus Strike Ends

A 24-hour strike by Nobina bus company drivers in the capital city region has ended, and services should have already returned to normal before the morning rush hour started. Helsinki Regional Transport HSL estimated the strike affected 250,000 people on Thursday. Nobina operates nearly 100 bus routes, or about 40% of HSL’s traffic.

Chemical Train Crash

Two train wagons collided on Thursday nevening in Kouvola. One of the wagons was carrying hydrogen peroxide, which spilled onto the track. Rescue services were alerted around 22:00 last night, and about 20 crews came to the scene. One person was taken to hospital for treatment – hydrogen peroxide causes irritation to the eyes, throat, and nose, and can be used as disinfectant in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

New Finnair Arrival

Plane spotters and fashionistas might enjoy a visit to Helsinki Airport today for the arrival of Finnair’s newest A350 plane – decked out in Marimmekko designs. The distinctive blue ‘splodges’ of the Kivet design are painted on the back half of the plane. Follow @Finnair on social media for more details.

Autumn Equinox

Today is the autumn equinox in the northern hemisphere – meaning an equal amount of time for day and night. From tomorrow, days will start getting shorter and nights become longer until the mid-winter solstice in December. The next time the days and nights will have an equal length is in March 2018.


Friday morning’s weather starts off scattered showers throughout much of the country, especially along the south coast and working up into Central Finland, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. There will be glimpses of sun further north at the start of the day, and temperatures will feel seasonably normal: up to +13°C in the south and falling to a pleasant +7°C in the north.