Morning Headlines: Friday 20th July 2018

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Chinese Hacking Targeted Finland Before Summit

US cyber security company F5 has released a new report which shows a spike in hacking attempts against Finland by China in the days before Monday’s #Helsinki2018 Summit. The study highlights attacks from China targeting connected devices – or the ‘internet of things’ – such as computer video cameras, VoIP phones and video conferencing systems. The Defence One website says the attacks were “seeking to gain control of gear that could collect audio or visual intelligence”.

Telia Buys Finland’s MTV Channel

Telecoms operator Telia has announced this morning that it’s bought Swedish media company Bonnier’s television business. In Finland, that includes TV channel MTV, as well as pay TV service C More. The cost of the acquisition is €886 million. The deal is expected to be concluded by the second half of 2019 and still requires approval from regulatory authorities.

Third Day Of Wildfire Battle At Pyhäranta

Firefighters in Pyhäranta are still battling a wildfire blaze, for the third day. The fire, south of Rauma, has spread to about 100 hectares, and more than 50 people have been evacuated from their homes as fire crews work. Around 150 firefighters are tackling the blaze, and have also used a helicopter to drop water on the flames. Recent prolonged spells of hot dry weather have lead to wildfire warnings across much of the country.

Red Cross Gives To Ethopia Appeal 

The Finnish Red Cross has given €100,000 from its disaster fund to help the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia. In addition to increased violence, Ethiopians in some parts of the country are facing malnutrition and lack of clean water. Fighting has already driven more than 820,000 people from their homes in June. Natural disasters have added to the problems caused by internal conflicts. Over the past three years Ethiopia has suffered from drought, floods and landslides, and an estimated 7.8 million people are estimated to be in need of food aid.

Friday Morning Weather

Thunderstorms and much-needed rain will arrive in the south of the country today, helping cool temperatures a little. Storms might include lightning, heavy rain, or hail. Friday morning starts out hot in Lapland with temperatures in the mid-20s. Further south the sunshine continues, and it’s only in the south west where cloud cover keeps the temperature in the low-20s, while the capital city region is already enjoying some rain.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Friday morning 20th July 2018 / Credit: FMI