Morning headlines: Friday 19th April 2019

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Farm fire kills 1200 pigs 

An fire at a farm in Ostrobothnia has killed 1200 pigs. Rescue crews got the call around 21:30 on Thursday evening to the farm in Vöyr and found the barn where the pigs were housed already ablaze. A passerby had seen the fire and called 112. As many as 45 fire fighters were at the scene tackling the fire and managed to save 250 pigs from the building, however another 1200 died in the fire.

Busy roads and Easter weekend transport changes 

Easter traffic continues on the roads today, with the peak in the capital city region around noon. And if you’re taking a long distance train journey, or planning to commute in the capital there are changes in place for public transport during the Easter holiday weekend. Most bus, train and tram services are running to Sunday timetables, with changes to specific routes and amended night services. Read more at our story here.

One injured in overnight fire

One person has been injured in an overnight fire at an apartment building in Järvenpää. Rescue crews received a call to the second floor flat around 02:00 and when they arrived found one person unconscious inside, who was rescued and taken for treatment. The injured person was taken to hospital for treatment and there was nobody else inside the apartment. This morning, investigators will start to look at the cause of the blaze.

Friday morning weather

It’s a very bright and sunny start to Good Friday everywhere across the country. However, there’s quite a wide temperature range, from -2C in northern Lapland to +3C in Rovaniemi; +5C in Oulu; +8C in Lahti; +/C down the eastern border; +6C in Turku and the south west and +9C already this morning in Hanko. Meteorologists have predicted temperatures up to 15C in most parts of the country over the course of the weekend, with some warmer weather in a few places as well.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Friday morning 19th April 2019 / Credit: FMI