Morning Headlines: Friday 17th November 2017

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Exam Results Day

More than 37,000 students across Finland will find out how they did in autumn matriculation exams today. Results were published at midnight and students can get the results from their own high school. This round of exams marks an increase in the number of tests that were carried out electronically. For example, this year history and religion exams were electronic and the entire range of exams is expected to be tested this way by spring 2019.

Länsimetro Ready to Launch

The long-awaited western metro extension from Helsinki to Espoo – Länsimetro – is ready to launch on Saturday morning. The project has faced years of delays, cost overruns, controversy and frustration for people living along the planned route. Our original story goes behind the scenes at Länsimetro to hear from project leaders and engineering experts about what went wrong, and what went right with construction. Read more here.

Terror Trail Begins

The main part of a the trial for three men charged with various terror offenses begins at Helsinki District Court today. According to the allegations, the men were preparing to take part in fighting in Syria, on the side of a terror group. One of the accused is 37-years-old and the other two are 33-years-old. The prosecutor is demanding up to two years prison time, if they are found guilty. The trial is expected to continue until Christmas.

Greens Euro Vision

The Green Alliance will outline its vision for Finland’s role in the EU today. Party leader Touko Aalto will be joined by MEP Heidi Hautala and presidential candidate Pekka Haavisto to share their ideas. The Greens think that Finland could have a bigger influence in the EU if the country was able to offer advanced solutions to common problems, and be active reformers in the European Union.

Friday Politics

It’s a busy day for politics in Finland. Veteran politician Paavo Väyrynen will hold a press conference, he’s hoping to run for President in the January 2018 elections but has struggled to get the required 20,000 signatures of support from registered voters. The new Blue Future political party will announce the details of their first party congress.

Friday Morning Weather

It’s a very cold start in the north of Finland today, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. In Parts of Lapland the temperature will drop down to -19°C. In the southern part of the country – anywhere south of Vaasa really – expect cloud and rain, even if the weather might feel mild with temperatures at the start of Friday morning reaching +8°C in the capital city region.