Morning Headlines: Friday 15th September, 2017

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Warning for Finnish Military Personnel

Finnish soldiers have been warned not to be alone after dark, and only take scheduled public transport – not rides from strangers – when on leave from military service. A local newspaper reports that Lt Col Mika Holma of the Pori Brigade has confirmed the order, issued by the Chief of Staff, but would not comment on the reason for the instruction. On Tuesday Lännen Media reported that the Turku attacker may have been planning to strike a military target. And on Wednesday, there were reports that the Defence Command has been discussing an amendment to uniform code when military personnel are on weekend leave.

Baltic Sea Cleanup

Scientists at Helsinki University’s Tvärminne Zoological Station will share their 115 year research history with the public in a rare open day event this weekend. So what’s the latest on cleaning up the Baltic Sea? The station’s director tells News Now Finland about the shrinking ‘dead zones’, lower levels of pollution, and slowly improving deep sea life – as a local fisherman explains how the polluted Baltic has impacted his livelihood. Read more in our original story here.

Tax Administration Checks

In 2014, the Tax Administration issued a secret code to its employees, saying that only a few cases of dubious tax deductions under €12,000 made by companies should be investigated. This story is reported by Helsingin Sanomat newspaper, based on documents they reviewed.  According to the information in the story, that limit was valid at least in the tax year 2014. The procedures state that tax deductions of less than €12,000 should only be investigated if the deduction was completely without merit. In the event of unclear deductions, or where there was any doubt, tax inspectors were instructed to accept the tax return at face value, without further action.

Finnish Hostage Due Home

A 37-year old Finnish woman, held hostage in Afghanistan since May, could be due to return home today. The woman, who worked for Swedish charity Operation Mersy in Kabul, was apparently freed by her kidnappers. Finnish Foreign Minister Timo Soini told a press conference in Washington DC that no ransom money had been paid for her freedom. You can read more about this case, at our story here.


Be prepared for a cloudy and damp start to Friday across the whole of the country today, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI. Temperatures in the south will feel warmest at first, around +12°C. Further into central Finland there’s more chance of sunshine as the day begins, with temperatures around +8°C, and watch out for a band of rain running west to east from Vaasa. In Lapland, a mixed picture first thing, with scattered showers, broken sunshine and cloudy skies as well.