Morning headlines: Friday 15th February 2019

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Hottest overnight temperatures in 60 years! 

There’s a mini-heatwave happening across the country today, with +8.4°C measured in Rauma early this morning. That’s the hottest recorded temperature on this date in 60 years, with meteorologists saying the temperature could rise even more during the day. However, the overall February heat record is in no danger of being broken. That was back on 28th February 1943 when a high temperature of +11.8°C was recorded in Helsinki. Today however, those warm temperatures mean more melting snow and ice so it’s likely to be slippery on pavements for pedestrians.

Only one third of Finns support full public service care for elderly people

A new survey out this morning shows that only 1-in-3 Finns think care for the elderly should be a public service, and not privatised. The poll was carried out for Rural Future newspaper, and comes after several weeks of heated political debate about the state of elderly care in the country, after deficiencies and deaths were reported at several privately run care homes. This morning’s survey showed that 55% of people think there should be a mix of public and private sector elderly care services, with a split along party lines. Supporters of Left Alliance and the Finns party were in general more likely to favour public service solutions to elderly care; whereas National Coalition Party, Social Democrats and Greens were more keen on private solutions according to the results of the Rural Future study.

Latest Darude Eurovision song released

Producer Darude and singer Sebastian Rejman have released the second of their tracks in contention to become Finland’s Eurovision Song Contest entry for Tel Aviv in May. The new song is called ‘Superman’ and it’s an up-tempo love song with a more positive overall feel than the first track the duo released. Watch the video for ‘Superman’ at this link. The final song is released next Friday, and a live show in Turku at the beginning of March will decided which of the three tracks represents Finland. It will be chosen by a combination of public voting and jury votes.

New crop of high school seniors celebrate with dances

With the previous batch of high school seniors now off on study leave, there’s a new crop of students celebrating their seniority. And that badge of honour has traditionally been celebrated with formal dances. In previous decades students wore something old or vintage to the dances, but now many girls get new formal gowns and the boys dress up to the nines in tuxedos or smart suits. ICYMI: WATCH – High school seniors celebrate the last day of school with traditional penkkarit parades and candy.

Friday morning weather

Here’s a snapshot of that mini-heatwave across Finland just after 08:00 this morning. Temperatures are above freezing for all parts of the country except the far north west, where it will dip just below zero around Kilpisjärvi and there might be some snow flurries as well. The best of the sunshine this morning is in Central Finland, and down the eastern border; through the south, capital city region, Turku and the south west as well. Expect the brightest sun in Lappeenranta. It will feel a little cooler along the Ostrobothnia coast from Oulu to Vaasa with a stiff breeze coming from the sea and blowing onshore.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Friday morning 15th February 2019 / Credit: FMI