Morning headlines: Friday 11th October 2019

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Who runs the world? Girls with a plan take over Finnish boardrooms

A group of teenage girls from Finland are joining hundreds of others on Friday for International Day of the Girl, and becoming corporate leaders. It’s part of Plan International’s ‘Girls Takeover’ project that sees participants step into top roles in business, politics and media to highlight the issues of representation for women, and show the adult-centric workplaces the value of listening to young people. This year in Finland there’s also an emphasis to highlight the impact of the climate crisis on girl’s rights a wide range of jobs, and show boardrooms how their businesses can affect positive change. “Both climate change and girl’s rights are very important to me, and I feel like I can have an impact on those things through this project” says 17-year old Henna Sertti from Helsinki, who will be taking over the role of CEO at Finnish Energy on Friday. Meet some of the girls involved in the takeover, and read more about what they hope to achieve at our original story here.

Kuopio security guards make city centre drug bust 

Security guards in Kuopio stopped two people who were in the middle of a drug deal in the city centre. It happened around 22:00 on Thursday night and with the help of the security guards, police arrested a 24-year old local man on suspicion of a drugs offense. He was found to be in posession of Rivatril tablets, amphetamines, hashish and marijuana at the time he was detained by cops. He also had minigrip plastic bags that police suspect had drugs in them.

Lidl starts construction on new ‘eco store’

Supermarket chain Lidl is starting construction on a new type of ‘eco store’ in Vantaa. Once it’s completed, the supermarket will have its own renewable energy production plant with solar panels on the roof; it will be built using certified wood products and features a meadow and bird houses on the property.  It’s going to be the first of its kind Lidl eco store in Finland to meet specific environmental certification standards which look at construction materials, the land, energy and water consumption. “We minimise construction waste and recycle at least 60%, planting native trees and shrubs and forest meadows in green areas,” says Property Manager Toni Koskinen. The new store is set to open in autumn 2020.

Makia clothing brand responds to plagiarism accusations

Trendy Helsinki-based clothing brand Makia has been accused of plagiarism, and using the design logos of other organisations and brands as part of their own designs. On Monday Makia said “raise your hand if you made a mistake” and conceded that one line of clothing had borrowed a little too much inspiration from a local sailing club. Makia donated €5000 to a Baltic Sea environmental foundation as a sign of good faith. But since then the company has been forced to defend some other designs which seem to have incorporated other brands – Makia says as a street wear company they take inspiration from many different sourced but only a handful of their garments over the years have used non-official partnership elements in the designs. Read more at our story here.

Friday morning weather 

Look at the map. It’s not very nice is it? See those snowflakes over Lapland? The rain clouds over much of the central and southern areas? The fog in the south east? None of that makes us want to get out and enjoy the day. And what’s in store for the weekend? Rain, sleet and snow in the forecast.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Friday morning 11th October 2019 / Credit: FMI