Morning headlines: Friday 10th April 2020

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Katri Kulmuni interview: ‘It will take years to rebuild after coronavirus crisis’

Finland’s Minister of Finance Katri Kulmuni (Centre) says she thinks it will take “years” to rebuild the country after the coronavirus crisis, considering the impact on the economy and on society. Speaking to News Now Finland a few hours before EU finance ministers agreed a €500 billion euro deal to help recover from the coronavirus pandemic, Kulmuni said “it would be easy if we could just spend our way out of this crisis, and it would be easily solved if it was only about taking on more debt. But that is just one of the solutions to the crisis.” Kulmuni speaks about first tackling the virus in terms of health, and then making sure people can make it through the coming weeks and months financially with supplementary budgets making hundreds of millions more euros of support available. Read her full comments at our original story here.

Poll: Most Finns want to delay fighter procurement

A new poll by Rural Future newspaper finds that a slight majority of Finns would like to postpone the multi-billion euro project to replace the country’s fighter fleet due to the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The poll found that 51% of those questioned were generally in favour of delaying the project for now. Around a thousand people took part in the survey which found respondents in the capital city region and in Ostrobothnia – in particular men – were most likely to want to see the expensive military project put on hold. Parliament is due to make a decision next year on which of the five contenders to replace the ageing Hornet fleet will win the €10 billion contract.

Finnish expert podcast dispelling myths in Tanzania

A locally-produced version of a Finnish podcast will soon be available in Tanzania to help dispel myths about the virus. Markku Liukkonen, who produces the Corona Anatomy podcast heard about the situation in the African country, where misinformation about the pandemic – including that the virus is spread through 5g mobile phone networks – is rife. The podcast will be produced in English and Swahili and feature local experts as well as Finnish experts, with an emphasis on factual information.

President Niinistö makes surprise video call to children

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö has made a surprise video call to 13 children in a classroom in Vantaa. The president made the call on Thursday to the students who are still coming for lessons in grades 1-3. He took questions from the pupils including being asked by an 8-year old what the most difficult thing about the coronavirus was for him. Niinistö said that he is mostly worried about how Finns are doing at this time, and explained how it was also affecting his own life including avoiding meeting people and washing his hands often.

Friday morning weather

It’s a bright and sunny start to Good Friday morning, although chilly in Lapland. But the weather changes rapidly over the holiday weekend and many parts of the country are going to see lots and lots of snow before Easter is done! At the start of Friday however, expect temperatures down to -10°C in northwest Lapland, -1°C in Oulu and into Central Finland, warming up to +4°C in Åland and the southwest.

Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast for Friday morning 10th April 2020 / Credit: FMI