More Trouble-Free Länsimetro Tests

The new metro system inches closer to opening... soon... maybe... hopefully.

File photo of Länsimetro train departures / Credit; News Now Finland

Tuesday morning saw more trouble-free tests on Helsinki metro’s Länsimetro western extension – and that could mean the full network is getting closer to being ready for passengers to use.

“I guess now there was no problems, it has begun well” says Vesa Pänkäläinen from operating company HKL.

The whole metro network is scheduled for testing all day Tuesday and Wednesday. Passengers going west can stay on as far as Ruoholahti metro station, but then they have to get off while the carriages continue on the new section of track to stations in Helsinki and Espoo.

“We have a good train inspection [system] and people who do not know they should leave, will be guided off the trains” Pänkäläinen says.

HKL issued a reminder that during the testing phases, there could be some disruptions to normal metro services on the rest of the network – and they advise people to leave some extra time for travel just in case.

Test runs are gathering more information about how different parts of the new train line are running, for example looking at power supplies and platform displays.

The previous test run was last Thursday. At the time, HKL’s Managing Director Ville Lehmuskoski said the tests went relatively well and clearly much better than previous test runs and they didn’t experience any major technical problems.

The new Länsimetro has been delayed by several years, with opening dates set then canceled by operators as the system was hit with technical problems and completion overruns.