Mobile driving licenses accepted in February

Download the app, and put your license on your phone.

File picture showing mobile driving license / Credit: Matti Immonen, Trafi

Motorists who need to produce their license will soon be able to use a mobile driving license when new legislation comes into force at the beginning of February.

The mobile driving license is a free, optional service that can be downloaded into a mobile device, and used in addition to the traditional credit card-sized plastic driving license.

“The mobile driving licence is one practical example of what can be achieved through digitalisation in the transport sector” said Anne Berner (Centre), Minister of Transport and Communications.

“The mobile driving licence is a new way for drivers to prove their right to drive when required to do so during traffic surveillance” she says.

The amendment to the Act on Driving Licenses should be signed by President Niinistö this week, and the mobile license which are part of the Transport Safety Agency’s ‘Autoilija’ application will be legal from 1st February.