Military plans mixed-sex dorms for male and female conscripts

The experiment would begin next year in some units, but would not be compulsory for men and women to share the same barracks.

File picture of Finnish troops during winter / Credit: Defence Command

The Finnish military says it’s looking to experiment with mixed-sex barracks for male and female conscripts.

In a statement, the Ministry of Defence says the experiment would begin next year and be carried out on a temporary basis in some units. The mixed-sex living arrangements would be entirely voluntary.

Defence Command says that a survey of personnel indicates female conscripts feel excluded and lack a proper sense of unit cohesion when they’re separated in their own living accommodation.

The surveys show that shared accommodation would improve the flow of information in military units, and allow for more efficient use of facilities.

The Ministry of Defence has begun the process to draft new legislation to make the idea of mixed-sex barracks legally possible.