Migri prepares plans for new asylum reception centres

Contingency plans mean that the government would be able to respond more quickly to any future migrant crisis.

Asylum reception Centre in Helsinki / Credit: News Now Finland

The Finnish Immigration Service Migri has opened a €10 million procurement competition, as a contingency, in case new reception centres for asylum seekers are required in the next decade.

The centres would likely cost more than the initial tender amount, and be located around the country, outside the Uusimaa. There was a separate procurement process for that region in 2017.

“The ten million is just an estimate that one always have to give when launching any tendering process” explains Mikko Välisalo, Senior Advisor at Migri.

“In our business, the need for new reception centers is extremely difficult to estimate, especially for many years ahead. This estimate was based on the logic that we would open one new reception center per procurement year.  However, it’s possible that we won’t
open any new reception centers through this procurement or we would open 10 or 20 or 30” he says.

In 2015 Finland, like other countries in the EU, was overwhelmed with the number of migrants arriving to claim asylum. More than 32,000 people came during that year to Finland alone, and the existing infrastructure wasn’t sufficient to cope.

With the new tendering process, Migri is putting the plans in place to be able to respond more quickly in future if another crisis crops up.