Metropolia plans to stay in Espoo, as building faults force thousands of students to move

The move will disrupt spring classes, while the university tries to find a temporary Espoo location in the meantime.

File picture of Metropolia's Leppävaara campus / Credit: Wikimedia

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences says it wants to continue having a campus in Espoo’s Leppävaara district, even after serious faults in the current campus will force more than 3000 students and employees to move to other locations in the capital region.

The City of Espoo, which owns the site, recently identified some major structural flaws at Metropolia’s current Leppävaara campus, including large cracks, which were serious enough to close the site.

“Based on the knowledge we have gathered so far, to ensure the safety for students and employees the building can no longer be considered as safe enough” says Maija Lehtinen, from Espoo City.

The older part of the campus was built in 1989, while the newer part was completed in 2002.

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Metropolia is now looking for solutions on how manage classes during the rest of the spring term, and in the future as well.

According to Simo Hoikkala, Metropolia’s Head of Real Estate Services, closing the Leppävaara campus means moving up to 3000 students, and another 140 teachers and staff, to other locations for the spring term.

“Our first task is to make it work through the rest of spring period. Until Easter, we can still continue in our current facilities, but after that we’ll start making use of other Metropolia campuses in vantaa and Helsinki” Hoikkala tells News Now Finland.

Hoikkala says one possible solution is to look for an alternate site in Espoo which could be used short term for classes.

“Replacements are mainly sought in Leppävaara or elsewhere in Espoo. We have a few potential targets, but when the number of students is so high, it sets some constraints on getting a proper place” he explains.