Metro Tests Going Better Than Usual

Card reading machines are in place and ready to be used

The latest round of testing for Helsinki metro’s western extension Länsimetro is going better than usual.

Operating company HKL’s Managing Director Ville Lehmuskoski says the flow of trains has been normal during the morning rush hour and there have been no major problems.

“The intervals [between trains] have been two and a half minutes, which is what is should be at the peak” says Lehmuskoski.

“At some point the trains have been a minute or at most two minutes behind schedule, but that’s how it normally is” he says.

According to Lehmuskoski, the test run this morning has been much closer to what the situation would be when the entire metro line is fully operational.

“This morning looks promising, but we can only come to some conclusions when the whole day is done” says Lemuskoski.

The network will be tested again next week. Trains are running across the whole line but passengers have to get off at Ruoholahti, currently the most westerly station in operation, and the trains are checked to make sure nobody is on board, before they continue to the new stations in Helsinki and Espoo.

There’s no exact start date for the new metro service. Länsimetro’s management has still not been transferred from Länsimetro Oy company to HKL. According to Ville Lehmuskoski, management can be transferred when everything is running at the level where traffice could be started. However, preparations for managing the transfer have been made this week.