Men only? Tampere’s new arena gets a very masculine name

The new 15,000-seater arena will also host a hotel, casino, restaurants and conference facilities as well as the home ice rink for two local hockey teams.

Artist's impression of new UROS LIVE Arena in Tampere / Credit: UROS Group

A huge new sports and leisure complex in Tampere, which will be the main venue for the 2022 ice hockey World Championships, has signed a 10-year naming rights deal with an Oulu-based tech company.

But the name of the new arena has prompted a flood of online mirth, and some criticism too.

The venue will be known as UROS LIVE, and is an acronym for ‘Universal ROaming Solutions.’

In Finnish however, uros means male – and the internet didn’t hold back.

“I hate meetings, but the meeting I would have liked to attend is the one where ‘Male Live’ was suggested, and found to be a good idea” writes one person.

“Hands up, who had heard of a company called UROS before this sponsorship agreement?” wrote another.

“Today is not April Fool’s Day. I checked. There should be no other performer at the opening of the arena than Scandinavian Hunks” someone quipped.

“Tampere has already invented a new nickname for the arena: the ‘Ball Hall'” said another.

“Are women banned from the Male Live Arena?” asks a columnist in Ilta-Sanomat newspaper.

What does UROS have to say about the new deal? 

The new 15,000-seater arena is due to open in 2021 and will include a hotel, casino, restaurants and conference facilities.

In addition it will be the home rink for two Tampere ice hockey teams, Tappara and Ilves, and is expected to attract a million visitors each year.

“With this announcement we are excited to share the news of our branching out into the digital experience space, an extension of our commitment to strategically develop smart city solutions” says UROS Group CEO Jerry Raatikainen.

“The team behind the arena project shares our vision and ambition to challenge the status quo, and we couldn’t be happier to work together going forward” he adds.

The arena’s CEO Marko Hurme says the partnership with UROS Group will bring fan engagement to a new level.