Man’s best friend: Finland’s most popular dog breed revealed

The top ten most popular dogs remain unchanged but there are some concerns over which dogs are falling out of favour.

File picture of yellow labrador puppy / Credit: iStock

Finland’s most popular dog breed are Labradors, which have been ‘top dog’ since reaching first place in the Finnish Kennel Club‘s list back in 2010.

The Kennel Club  registered 45,111 dogs last year of which 2,307 were labs.

“Labrador retriever is one of the most popular breeds everywhere” says Harri Lehkonen, Chairman of the Board of the Finnish Kennel Club.

“They are a suitable size, they have a good temperament, and are relatively easy to care for” he adds.

Elkhounds are the second most popular dog in Finland with 1424 registered animals; followed by German Shepherd in third place with 1259 registered dogs.

Although no new breeds broke into the top 10, other familiar dogs include the Golden Retriever, Jack Russels, Shetland Sheepdog and the Finnish Lapphound which was traditionally used to herd reindeer.

One dog breed however, has been falling out of favour over the course of many years.

“The biggest reason for concern in the top ten are Finnish hunting hounds. Over a period of ten years its popularity has declined by half, and in the last 30 years by three-quarters” says Lehkonen.

The Kennel Club says it’s important that dogs are registered so that they can be identified and the owner traced if it goes missing.