Man drowns in morning swimming accident

A helicopter ambulance responded to the scene, but the 40-year old's body was found an hour after he was last seen.

Map showing location of Orivesi / Credit: Google Maps

A man has died in an early morning swimming accident in Orivesi, north of Tampere.

It happened around 08:00 on Tuesday at the Kikkolahti beach when the 40-year old man went for a swim, but went under the water.

Other people on the beach called for help, and several rescue units including a medical helicopter and the police arrived at the scene.

However, a rescue diver recovered the body about an hour after the swimmer was last seen.

There is an investigation underway into the man’s cause of death.

Annual drowning figures still high

According to data gathered by the Finnish Association for Swimming Teaching and Life Saving SUH, at least 50 people have died this year so far in drowning accidents.

There majority – 41 – are men and typically has died while intoxicated, falling from a boat or misjudges the distance they can swim.

Studies have shown that up to 80% of those people who died in waterborne accidents could have been saved if they’d been wearing life jackets.

Finland’s annual drowning death toll has fallen from highs in the early 2000s, but it still remains sadly one of the most common causes of death in young children under school age.