Maltese ambassador resigns after comparing Angela Merkel to Hitler

The non-resident ambassador is one of Malta's leading businessman, closely linked to the government, and involved in a controversial scheme to hold rescued migrants offshore.

Malta's Ambassador Michael Zammit Tabona meets President Sauli Niinistö in Helsinki to present credentials, 15th May 2014 / Credit: Malte Foreign Ministry

The Ambassador of Malta to Finland, Michael Zammit Tabona, has resigned after writing a post on social media that compared German Chancellor Angela Merkel with Adolf Hitler.

The Facebook post – now deleted – said “75 years ago we stopped Hitler. Who will stop Angela Merkel? She has fulfilled Hitler’s dream to control Europe.”

Zammit Tabona has been accredited to Finland as non-resident ambassador since 2014, which means he doesn’t actually live in Helsinki.

The former ambassador is one of Malta’s leading businessmen, well known in the hotel and tourism industry and is a political appointee from outside the diplomatic corps.

“He’s very close to the Labour government which explains his appointment, it’s more a question of prestige rather than anything else” says Kurt Sansone, Online Editor at Malta Today newspaper.

“Obviously the incident has been embarrassing, and the foreign minister accepted the resignation immediately and told him off” Sansone tells News Now Finland.

The Government of Malta has chartered two of ex-ambassador Zammit Tabona’s Captain Morgan pleasure cruise vessels to hold rescued Mediterranean migrants just outside Maltese territorial waters.