Lucky R-Kioski ticket scoops €2.4 million lottery win

The winning ticket holders will share the money which comes with taxes already paid from Veikkaus.

File picture of lottery balls / Credit: Veikkaus

Five people in Hämeenkyrö find themselves a lot richer on Sunday morning after picking the winning lottery numbers.

The group bought their ticket at an R-Kioski in the town north of Tampere, with the winning combination of 9, 11, 13, 21, 22, 32 and 38.

The additional number was 19 and the bonus number 12.

“A great win went to Hämeenkyrö. Big congratulations to all the lucky winner!” says Any Kytö from Veikkaus.

“We warmly welcome you to winning coffee at Veikkaus, either alone or together” she adds.

Two other lottery players scooped €62,660 each with tickets bought in Espoo and Muurola.

For anyone hoping to get lucky, next week’s lottery pot starts at €1.2 million.