LISTEN: Podkäst Episode #3

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This summer we launched our weekly podcast called Podkäst to coincide with the start of Finland’s EU Presidency. But don’t worry, we’re not only talking about EU issues because let’s face it that would be boring!

The new episode is out now, and this week we’re talking with Lännen Media’s Markku Uhari and Helsinki Vihreät’s Milo Toivonen about what Finland should do with ISIS wives and their children stuck in refugee camps. We’ll tackle sustainable clothing options and ethical fashion at Helsinki Fashion Week, and look at some of the reaction to James Bond cast announcement (Markku’s a big 007 fan!)

Then insect chef Topi Kairenius is in the studio to tell more about Finland’s insect economy, the case for farming and eating more bugs and how Finnish R&D is now leading Europe in this sector.

We couldn’t let Topi leave before he fed some crickets, ants and locusts to Markku and Milo, their reactions are priceless!

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