Listen Live: Finland’s Nature Sounds Online

New service from WWF lets you listen to the sound of wildlife at Vallisaari island near Helsinki.

Screen capture from the 'Luontolive' camera / Credit: WWF

Anyone hoping to hear the calming sounds of Finnish nature during summer, can now listen from anywhere in the world.

The WWF and Metsähallitus have installed microphones at Vallisaari, a small island off the coast of Helsinki, and streaming the sounds online.

If you’re tuning in, you’re likely to hear wild bird song and croaking frogs. As the spring progresses, there will be more animal sounds including some endangered species.

According to the WWF, the idea is to bring people closer to nature.

As well as listening to the sounds of Vallisaari, you can also view a live stream of WWF cameras in the forest at a separate location, and hopefully catch a glimpse of wild forest reindeer.

The ‘Luontolive‘ site has been up and running since mid-April, and has already been visited 100,000 times.