Liike Nyt poised to become a fully fledged political party

Reality TV businessman Hjallis Harkimo is the organisation's sole Member of Parliament but converting to a fully-fledged political party has some advantages.

Liike Nyt candidate Hjallis Harkimo with supporters in Tikkurila, 17th March 2019 / Credit: News Now Finland

A political movement headed by millionaire businessman-turned-reality-TV show host Hjallis Harkimo is pointed to become a fully fledged political party.

Liike Nyt won just one seat – Harkimo’s – in the April general election but had hundreds of candidates running as individual associations for parliament, who had collectively signed up to the Liike Nyt core values which include economic liberalism and a pledge against racism.

Harkimo had previously been a Member of Parliament for the National Coalition Party but left over disagreements on social and healthcare reform. In general, the party’s candidates in the general election skewed over 45, white and male.

Earlier this summer Liike Nyt indicated it would prefer to be officially recognised as a political party and started collecting the 5000 signatures from voters to present to the Ministry of Justice.

Becoming an official political party makes it easier for candidates to stand at other elections, and gives Liike Nyt a guaranteed voice in television debates and polling questions.

Throughout the autumn there has been an an online campaign to get supporters to print, sign and return the registration cards; and Liike Nyt also organised ten signature drives at locations in Tampere, Turku and across Uusimaa.

The 5000 signatures will be presented to the ministry on Friday.