Lapland Helicopter Search For Missing Couple

Elderly couple last seen in remote wilderness area on 16th September.

Map of Kemihaara area where the couple were last seen / Credit: Google Maps

The Finnish Border Guard has deployed a helicopter to search for an elderly couple, missing in a remote part of north east Finland.

Police say the couple, aged 68 and 72, were last seen in Kemihaara wilderness area, Savukoski, on a hiking trail on Saturday 16th September by another hiker.

Yesterday, that hiker raised the alarm when he noticed the couple’s camper van still parked in the same spot at the trail head.

“Probably they went hiking because this camper van was found empty” Henna Kelloniemi, Lapland Police Spokesperson tellsĀ News Now Finland.

“There is someone who was walking in the forest who saw them on 16th September, and that’s the last time someone has seen them, they were in the forest”. she says.

Yesterday, the Border Guard sent a helicopter to search for the couple. Today, there is a Lapland police K-9 search team on the ground, assisted by Border Guard ATV all-terrain vehicle, with a search helicopter on standby.

At the time of their disappearance, the man was wearing a blue jacket, black or grey trousers, and black boots. The woman was wearing a white hooded jacket and red boots.

“It’s a hiking area, and during this time of year there are probably lots of people hiking there” says Henna Kelloniemi.

“Now we have had quite warm nights, so there’s a possibility that everything is okay, because there hasn’t been any minus temperatures so far. But of course if the weather changes it’s a bad situation” she says.