Länsimetro Starts Today! (Sort Of…)

New tests for Helsinki's Länsimetro western extension today across the whole metro system - but it's not yet ready for passengers.

File photo of Länsimetro train departures / Credit; News Now Finland

If you’ve been waiting for Helsinki’s Länsimetro western extension to start services, then you are almost – almost – in luck.

The first scheduled timetable tests will run on the entire Helsinki metro network from today – including the much-delayed Länsimetro western extension.

But, don’t get your hopes up – it’s not for passengers just yet.

If you’re travelling on a metro train going west, you’ll have to get off at Ruoholahti, where carriages are checked to make sure nobody’s left on board, and then the train continues to the new stations.

The test runs will look at the schedule of train services, and driver turnaround operations, before hopefully opening it up for passenger use soon. No firm date for this has been given.

“Test drives are needed to get real information about traffic performance” says Ville Lehmuskoski, Managing Director of the metro operating company KHL.

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Even though metro trains will continue west from Ruoholahti, it shouldn’t affect the frequency of services in any other parts of the network.