Kitee crash leaves two seriously injured; central Finland crash kills one man

Two accidents in different parts of the country - with one attributed to slippery road conditions.

Map showing the town of Kitee in eastern Finland / Credit: Google Maps

Two people are seriously injured after a car crash in the eastern town of Kitee.

Officials say the driver of one car hit another car coming in the opposite direction, with two people in it. One of the vehicles stayed on the road but the other went into a roadside ditch.

Two police officers and three ambulances went to the scene of the crash this morning, and found the vehicle occupants already out of their cars.

While all three people were taken two hospital, one suffered only minor injuries but the others were more seriously hurt.

The road was closed for a while during the emergency response, and police are now investigating the cause of the crash.

Central Finland crash 

Meanwhile in Luodespohja, central Finland, a 60-year-old man has been killed after his car went off the road.

Police say the man wasn’t wearing a seat belt at the time, and it looks like his car skidded on slippery conditions with summer tyres.

Eyewitnesses say the car was only going about 40km at the time of the crash.

There was a warning this morning for parts of the country about dangerous road conditions with rain and chilly overnight temperatures.