Investigation as Portuguese military aircraft violates Finnish airspace

NATO jets patrol the skies above the Baltic Sea as part of an international policing force based in Baltic countries.

Map showing Upinniemi Naval Base / Credit: Google Maps

The Border Guard is investigating an incident where a Portuguese military plane apparently violated Finnish airspace.

It happened on Monday evening around 18:00, just south of the Upinniemi naval base on the Gulf of Finland coast.

A statement from the Ministry of Defence says the Finnish Border Guard is looking into exactly what happened.

It’s not the first time NATO or Russian aircraft have breached Finland’s territorial integrity, there are a handful of minor incidents each year.

Earlier this year in January, Finnish F/A-18 Hornet was scrambled to intercept two Russian Suhoi SU-27P aircraft getting close to Finland’s territorial boundary. The pilot got close enough to take detailed high resolution photographs of the Russian jets.

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In May 2018, Portugal deployed four F-16M fighter jets to the Baltic to lead NATO’s mission, with a 90-strong detachment of pilots, ground crews and support personnel.

The planes were stationed at a base in Lithuania at that time.