Investigation as illegal meat from Poland imported to Finland

File picture of red meat / Credit: iStock

The Finnish Food Authority Ruokavirasto has issued a recall for meat that was slaughtered in Poland, and imported to Finland.

Polish authorities raised the alarm over meat from an illegal slaughterhouse that was sent to a processing plant, and then exported to nine different EU countries including Finland.

The alert is linked to an investigation by journalists in Poland, who used undercover filming techniques to expose how diseased cows were killed at the slaughterhouse, without a vet to oversee the operation.

About 250kg ended up in Finland, and Ruokavirasto is investigating whether the meat has already been sold, or if it’s being held in stock.

The agency is asking companies that import meat from other EU countries to check to see if any from this Polish batch is among their deliveries.

According to Polish authorities, all the activity at the slaughterhouse has now been stopped, and any meat from the processing plant withdrawn from the market.