ICYMI: Week 36

The highlights of news you might have missed during the past seven days.

Credit: News Now Finland

It’s been a busy week for news in Finland, so in case you missed anything, here’s some of the highlights to get you all caught up:


Parliament got back to work this week for the autumn session, and the political parties have already got their eye on the prize of next spring’s general election. Reporter Aaro Immonen wrote a story about the battle lines being drawn over campaign finance and candidates. A reminder too of politicians receiving threats on social media as they try to do their jobs. The controversy of two Finns Party MPs claiming rent allowance for living in a sauna was back in the headlines this week. And as political season cranks into gear, several high profile politicians say they’re stepping down from politics.

Other National News

Finland’s immigration service decided to call a temporary halt to deporting failed asylum seekers back to Afghanistan, citing a UN report that says the security situation there has deteriorated. Helsinki’s new children’s hospital was opened by President Sauli Niinistö this week – made possible in part by crowd-funded donations. National airline Finnair named a new CEO, an executive who used to work for Nordea Bank; and scientists warn of a big rise in gonorrhea cases, especially in the capital city region. Police are investigating an anti-bullying magazine suspected of scamming money from subscribers; and Helsinki Design Week launched hundreds of events and a new festival for children.

Finland International

Swedes living in Finland had the chance to vote early, ahead of the country’s general election. Reporter Petja Pirhonen went to the Swedish Embassy to find out more – watch his video here. Meanwhile Finnish passports were hit with a printing problem: check for upside down animals. The government approved the sale of artillery ammunition to Estonia; and another country has adopted Finland’s baby box idea. This time it’s Ukrainian infants getting the box.


It was a hectic week for sport in Finland! Sports reporter Christian Soininvaara wrote about Finland’s preparations for the basketball World Championships – and you can watch his video here of team captain Jamar Wilson after a victory against Latvia. Christian also went to watch Finland’s men beat Hungary, and wrote about the new competition that could give Huuhkajat a path to Euro 2020.


The weather has been unseasonably warm – but it can’t last forever. Meteorologist Anniina Valtonen explains in this video why you better be ready for autumn.