Hungry and lonely orphaned moose finds a new home

Staff at Ranua Wildlife Park are now feeding the calf by hand, six times each day.

File picture of Emppu, an orphaned baby moose at Ranua Wildlife Park, May 2019 / Credit: Ranua Wildlife Park

An orphaned moose calf, found wandering in northern Finland, has been taken in by staff at Ranua Wildlife Park.

The animal, nicknamed Emppu, is thought to be around one week old and was spotted alone by the side of the road over the weekend. By Sunday he had ventured to a local farm.

“Yesterday he came to a farm yard looking for food or maybe company because he was crying a lot” says Miia Varanka, Head Keeper at Ranua Wildlife Park.

“At first the people on the farm called us and asked what to do with the calf, and I gave them instructions and how to take care of it and we agreed they would bring the calf here to us” at the zoo, she explains.

Emppu is on a diet of milk at the moment, but that will change quite soon.

“The baby is about one week old so he is very young but quite soon after two or three weeks he will start to eat a little bit of carrot and apple and hay, grass, branches, leaves” Varanka tells News Now Finland, and adds that her colleagues are already feeding the moose six times each day by hand.

As he’s being hand-reared, there’s no chance to return him to the wild.

“There is so much contact between animal and keeper he will be quite tame. In the mating season he will not be afraid of people and might become dangerous” says Miia Varanka.