Huge Drugs Bust Details Revealed

Rivotril tablets seized by Helsinki Police.

Helsinki Police have released new information on a major drugs bust, calling it the biggest ever haul of its kind in Europe.

Officials today revealed they seized more than 400,000 2mg Rivotril tablets and released pictures of the drugs hidden inside panels of a vehicle, and packed into a tyre. Twenty people were arrested in connection with the pharmaceutical haul, all of them from Europe, according to Helsinki Police.

Officers made the bust in southern Finland during the spring, as part of an intelligence-driven operation.

“The rate of pill sales has increased this year and last summer” Detective Superintendent Jukka Paasio tells News Now Finland. “Maybe because they are cheap, and you can buy them in bottles or individually”. Paasio says individual pills sell for just €1 each on the streets.

Rivotril – which has the pharmaceutical name clonazepam – was developed in the 1960s to treat epilepsy and anxiety disorders. It is widely used as a recreational drug, inducing hypnotic, sedative effects which can last for several hours.