HSL to cut prices for longer-distance public transport travel

New fare structures would cut the cost of travel from outlying areas where public transport services are not so frequent.

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Helsinki public transport operator HSL is planning to cut the fares of longer-distance travel from the beginning of 2020.

HSL says that single and season ticket prices will be reduced for zones ABC, BCD, CD and ABCD travel.

Prices for AB, BC and D-zone tickets will remain unchanged.

“This is the first time in our 10-year history we make such significant fare cuts” says HSL Executive Director Suvi Rihtniemi.

“We will lower the fares for the longest journeys, as switching from driving to public transport for the longest journeys is most beneficial in terms of reducing emissions from traffic” she adds.

Who gets the best deal?

According to HSL, the biggest difference will be noticed by people living in zone C (most of Vantaa and the western half of Espoo); and zone D ( Siuntio, Kirkkonummi, Tuusula, Kerava and Sipoo) where public transport services are poorer than closer to the centre of Helsinki.

For example, a single ticket covering four zones A, B, C, and D at the moment costs €6.40 but from 1st January 2020 it will cost €5.70.

HSL travel zones

Proposed increase in penalty fares

At a meeting on Tuesday HSL also made a proposal to increase the penalty for anyone caught without a valid ticket from €80 to €100.

The penalty has been set at the same rate since 2007, and HSL says increasing it to €100 would bring it more into line with other Nordic cities.

HSL estimates that it loses €8 to €10 million in revenue each year due to fare evasion.