HSL expands ticket network but removes sales incentives

Removing a small sales commission from store who offer travel card top-ups could mean that stores set their own, higher, prices in future.

File picture of HSL travel card reader at metro station showing new zones, 28th April 2019 / Credit: News Now Finland

The capital region’s public transport provider HSL is expanding its network of places to buy tickets.

However, at the same time the company is removing the incentive for individual retailers to top up travel cards on its behalf.

HSL currently pays store owners a small re-selling commission, but from the start of next year that commission will be taken away, potentially saving the company up to €6 million per year.

It could also mean that re-sellers are able to charge higher prices than customers are used to paying, just for the convenience of topping up their tickets locally.

Sales network expanding 

Hand-in-hand with the decision to scrap the re-sale commissions, HSL has announced it will almost double the number of outlets where tickets can be bought.

In addition to the existing locations – mostly R-Kioski stores – customers will be able to buy HSL cards S-Group and K-Group outlets.

“As a result of the compeittion, our outlet network will expand significantly as we include almost all grocery stores in the region, in addition to R-Kiosks” says Mari Flink, Head of Customer Relations and Sales at HSL.

It could take up to a year for all cash registers in S-Group and K-Group stores to be updated to handle HSL ticket sales but when they are in place the two chains will continue selling HSL tickets until the end of 2024 under the current contract.