Hot weather could mean rent refund in roasting rooms

With parts of Finland hotter than popular Mediterranean holiday resorts, some cash back could help you to cool off in summer.

File picture, aerial panorama of Helsinki / Credit: iStock

Finland is sweltering in a summer heatwave this week, with meteorologists forecasting even higher temperatures as the week goes on.

Already on Tuesday Utsjoki in northern Finland recorded the hottest temperature in the whole Nordic region at +30.1°C.

That makes Lapland hotter than the Canary Islands (+24°C), Barcelona (+28°C) and Crete (+30°C).

But how do you cope at hope? If your rental house or apartment gets too hot during summer you might be entitled to some money back from your landlord.

According to Finnish regulations laid down by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, room air temperature during the summer should be between +18°C and +32°C.

And the Finnish Landlord Association Suomen Vuokranantajat, says you could get a discount if the inside air temperature is hotter than that.

“By law, the tenant is entitled to a rent reduction for the periuod when the apartment is in defective condition. Too high a temperature must also be regarded as such a defect” says Tarik Ahsanullah, the Suomen Vuokranantajat lawyer.

“The appropriate discount is about 10 to 20 percent of the rent for the period when the temperature of the apartment exceeds 32 degrees” he says.

Tenants have a right to the money back even if the heat in the apartment isn’t the fault of the landlord.