Helsinki woman confirmed with Covid-19 coronavirus

The woman apparently caught the virus while she was visiting Milan, and only fell sick when she returned to Finland on Sunday.

File picture of woman wearing anti-pollution / anti-germ face mask / Credit: iStock

A Finnish woman has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus, after apparently catching it on a trip to Italy.

The woman, described by health officials as being of working age, arrived back from Milan on Sunday and contacted healthcare services the next day after feeling ill.

“The patient followed the instructions and made the first phone call. After the risk assessment, she was referred for testing” says Asko Järvinen, Chief of Infectious Diseases at Helsinki University Hospital HUS.

The patient is currently under hospital care, and her condition described at “feverish, but in good shape.”

The woman has only been in contact with two people since she arrived back in Finland and they have both been contacted, and told to stay at home while their health is monitored.

“The National Institute for Health and Welfare is going through the infected person’s travel route, and contact is being mate with potential close contacts” says Tameli Puumalainen, Chief Medical Officer at THL.

HUS says it has been prepared for other epidemics in the past, and they now have have a good opportunity for research and care.

Around 30 people have been tested for the Covid-19 coronavirus, which originated in the central Chinese city of Wuhan late last year. So far, there has only been one previous confirmed case of the novel coronavirus in a woman from China who visited Lapland. She was treated and later released from hospital.

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