Helsinki Police ban neo-Nazi demonstration on Independence Day

The far right Movement for Freedom group had informed police about its intention to hold a rally in the city on Friday afternoon.

Neo-Nazi marchers with swastikas in Helsinki, 6th December 2018 / Credit: News Now Finland

The Helsinki Police Department has decided to ban an Independence Day demonstration by the Movement for Freedom right wing group.

Police believe the group is essentially made up of many of the same members as the Nordic Resistance Movement which is under a temporary banning order from the Supreme Court.

The Movement for Freedom group uses similar colours and designs on its flag and espouses the same far right views, and had planned to march on Independence Day on Friday from 14:30 until 18:00 from Narinkkatori to Töölö.

Other Independence Day marches 

There are a number of other marches and rallies planned in the capital city on Independence Day, including ‘Helsinki without Nazis’ and a student parade.

The nationalistic 612 torchlight procession attracted thousands of people in 2018 including many neo-Nazis, Nordic Resistance Movement supporters and Soldiers of Odin vigilante group members.

However, organisers insist it is about showing patriotism towards Finland, and not a neo-Nazi rally.

Video: In 2018, Independence Day rallies attracted neo-Nazis waving swastikas, Nordic Resistance Movement and Soldiers of Odin participants.