Hello, we’re on WhatsApp – join us for daily bite-size news updates

The weekday updates have the best of our original, independent journalism about Finland in English as well as all the national news you've come to expect from News Now Finland.


News Now Finland recently launched a daily news headline service on WhatsApp, a first-of-its-kind journalism experiment in English for Finland.

Now you can receive our top stories of the day, directly to your mobile device.

The bite-size news service features our original independent journalism about Finland in English; as well as the main stories you’ve already come to expect covering national politics, crime, weather, society, sports and the climate change crisis.

How do I sign up? 

Signing up is an easy two-step process:

– Save our number to your phone: +358465708330

– Send a WhatsApp message that says “start”

If you want to stop getting the news updates, just delete our number, simple as that!


What will I receive?

You’ll get one WhatsApp message from us every weekday Monday to Friday between 20:00 and 21:00.

In case of a big breaking news story with national importance, we might also send an alert to keep you fully informed – but this will be the exception, not normal practice.

We promise not to spam you, and we don’t save any information about you except the phone number you subscribe from.

Remember, just delete our number from your phone if you no longer want to get the WhatsApp news updates.

Thank you to our growing audience for being keenly interested in the journalism we produce, we really value your input as part of our News Now Finland community.