Growing number of asylum seekers from Turkey

Most Turks are claiming political asylum by saying they're member of the opposition Gülen movement.

A July 10 2017 photo of Turkish President Erdogan / Credit; @rterdogan Instagram

The number of people from Turkey arriving in Finland to claim asylum in Finland has grown to the point that Turks were the second biggest number of asylum seekers in 2018.

According to new figures published by Lännen Media, 283 Turkish citizens applied for asylum in Finland so far this year; last year the number was 293.

If the application rate continues in the same way, it will likely show a 45% increase in applications between 2018 and 2019.

Back in 2015 only 57 Turkish people applied for asylum in Finland.

It’s a similar picture in other parts of Europe as well: a total of 24,000 Turks claimed asylum in EU, Norway and Switzerland during 2018.

The main grounds for claiming asylum are membership of the Gülen political movement which is banned in Turkey.

The government of President Erdogan blamed an attempted coup by the military in 2016 on the Gülen supporters, and thousands of people were rounded up including military members, teachers, civil servants, judges, police and journalists accused of having links with the Gülen organisation.