Government easily wins no-confidence vote over policy plans

All the parties in the coalition, plus Liike Nyt's sole MP, voted in line with the government.

Government wins confidence vote in its proposed agenda, 13th June 2019 / Credit: Eduskunta

Antti Rinne‘s government has easily survived a no-confidence vote in its policy programme, brought by three opposition parties.

The vote was held Thursday afternoon, after Rinne had introduced the programme to parliament on Tuesday, and he survived it by a wide margin of 113-75.

The five-party coalition government – which includes the Social Democrats, Centre Party, Greens, Left Alliance and Swedish People’s Party – are proposing more than a billion euros of spending increases on areas like education and social welfare.

Opposition groups the National Coalition Party, Christian Democrats and the Finns Party all filed motions of no-confidence in the government, with their concerns largely focused on how the policy programme will impact the economy and employment.

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