Government considering civilian service for women

The new plans could mean women would have to do up to 3 months of civilian service, but not compulsory military conscription.

File picture of Finnish Defence Forces conscripts on Armed Forces Day, Rovaniemi, 4th June 2019 / Credit: Finnish Defence Forces

The Government is considering introducing civilian service for women – but a decision might not even be made to put launch the new initiative until the next parliament four years from now.

Minister of Defence Antti Kaikkonen (Centre) is looking at options for a 2-3 month period of civilian service for women.

Finnish men are required to complete a compulsory period of military conscription or civilian service when after the turn 18. The military conscription is open to women on a volunteer basis, and several hundred sign up each year.

According to the minister, the roles women would undertake in the new civilian service plan should add value both to society and to the individuals taking part.

A new broad-based parliamentary committeewill be looking at all the options, including cost. However a decision might not come during the lifetime of this current parliament.

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