Game meat pulled from shelves over possible criminal labeling issues

Police say the company in South Ostrobothnia is suspected of making thousands of euros every year for importing foreign meat, and labeling it as a domestic product.

File picture of raw venison / Credit: iStock

Authorities are urging anyone who bought game meat recently packaged by a company in South Ostrobothnia, to be aware of potentially criminal production information included on the labels. 

Police suspect that two people at local meat supplier Joupin Meklari Oy might have made serious breaches in food regulation laws in the buying, storage and selling of game products.

“The company has bought thousands kilos of foreign meat and sold it as a domestic game product. The company has sold game meat to major retailers and restaurants around Finland” say police in a statement.

“By questionable means, the business owner is suspected to have received tens of thousands – even more than one hundred thousand euros in criminal benefits in less than three years” the statement continues.  

According to the Finnish Food Authority Ruokavirasto the company has sold up to 2,500 kilos of meat each year over the last several years and there might still be some mis-labeled products for sale.

Ruokavirasto says that even though there is no health risk for consuming the game products, customers should return it to the store where they bought it or dispose of it like normal bio-waste.