From beer to cannabis: former Yle English news anchor in new drugs video

Kimmo Wilska appears in a video backing a citizens initiative to make cannabis legal in Finland.

Picture of former Yle News English-language news anchor who appears in new pro-cannabis video / Credit: KK2020 FB

A former Yle News English-language journalist who was fired for drinking a beer on camera, has found his way back behind the anchor desk.

Kimmo Wilska gained worldwide notoriety back in 2010 when he lost his job for swigging from a bottle of beer during a broadcast.

Now he appears in a new promotional video for a citizen’s initiative that aims to make cannabis legal.

Sitting behind a news desk in a fake TV studio, Wilska extols the virtues of cannabis use with a hookah pipe on display beside him.

The video features shots of someone rolling a cannabis joint.

The citizen’s initiative was launched at the beginning of May and has almost 26,000 signatures. However it would need to reach the 50,000 target by 1st November in order for MPs to discuss it in parliamentary committee.


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