Four Confirmed Dead in Level Crossing Crash

Train was traveling from Karis to Hanko when it hit a military vehicle with conscripts on board.

Map of Raasepori area showing city hospital / Credit: Google Maps

Note: We are editing this story with the latest details as they come in.

Police confirm four people are dead – including three military conscripts, and a train passenger – after an accident at a level crossing in the south coast town of Raseborg – or Raasepori in Finnish.

It happened when a Finnish Defence Forces off-road vehicle was involved in a collision with a train at the unguarded level crossing around 08:00 this morning.

Commander of Nylands Brigade Arvi Tavaila says his forces were conducting exercises in the area, when the Masi military truck was hit by the train. The dead and injured from the truck are military conscripts.

VR reports that the Karis to Hanko passenger train was involved in the accident about 08:00 this morning. The line is now closed, and a bus service has replaced the scheduled trains.

Hospitals in Raasepori and Helsinki have received 11 patients after the accident. Seven patients with severe injuries have been taken to nearby Raasepori Hospital, while four other injured patients are being treated at Töölö Hospital in the capital.

The Masi is a medium sized, off-road truck built by Finnish manufacturer Sisu. Defence Minister Jussi Niinistö (Blues) says he considers the Masi trucks to be generally safe as transport vehicles for troops.

“In recent years, for safety reasons, seats and seat belts have been installed. Of course, in this kind of collision with a train on a truck, there is not enough help, even seat belts do not help much if the truck is hit by a train” says Niinistö.

The Minister expressed his deep sympathy for the victims of the Raasepori crash.