First tracks laid in Espoo-Helsinki light rail project

When it opens in 2024, the new Jokeri service will link Keilaniemi in the west with Itäkeskus in the east and be used by tens of thousands of passengers every day.

File picture showing the first section of Raide Jokeri light rail track laid in Espoo / Credit @raidejokeri Twitter

A major light rail project which will connect Espoo and Helsinki has reached a milestone, as the first tracks are laid in place.

The 350m section of track was put down in Espoo, and intended to be a testing area for construction of the new service, known as Jokeri.

The Jokeri light rail will be a 25km route broadly following Ring I around Helsinki, and ultimately link Keilaniemi in the west with Itäkeskus in the east.

Approximately 40,000 people currently use the 550 bus service which follows a similar route, making it the busiest bus line in the capital.

The project is set to open in 2024 and estimated to carry up to 91,000 passengers every day by 2030.

The new Jokeri route will better serve communities along the way, including some planned housing projects.

Jokeri is costing more than €400 million of which 30% is being financed by the state, and the rest of the costs divided between Helsinki (65%) and Espoo (35%).