Finns Party MPs endorse anti-EU rally, as QAnon signs appear

Many people in the crowd of 350 people waved Finnish flags, while some held signs saying 'Make Finland Great Again'

Signs at anti-EU rally in Helsinki, 1st September 2020 / Credit: News Now Finland

Finns Party MPs posed for pictures on the steps of parliament at an anti-EU rally where protesters waved Finnish flags, and held up signs saying Make Finland Great Again.

The Tuesday event was organised to protest Finland’s EU membership, and called for Finland to leave the 27-member bloc under the banner ‘Fixit’.

Several signs in the crowd were daubed with the distinctive QAnon logo – an extreme right-wing conspiracy theory that promotes, among other things, how a shadowy cabal of Satan-worshiping international paedophiles is plotting against American President Donald Trump.

They also had the cryptic WWG1WGA acronym – it means ‘Where We Go One We Go All’ – often used by QAnon activists who also think former US First Lady and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is part of this cabal that Trump was elected to destroy.

During the protest rally several speakers – including a prominent QAnon activist, and a former Finnish diplomat – denounced the European Union and demanded the government’s resignation; railed against the World Health Organisation and restrictions put in place to slow the spread of coronavirus; and claimed the media is brainwashing people.

Helsinki Police estimates there were 350 protesters at the event, which lasted several hours.

Anti-EU protesters outside parliament, 1st September 2020 / Credit: News Now Finland