Finns guzzle the planet four months ahead of schedule

Transport, energy production and food production are some of the reasons Finns are going into ecological debt faster than other countries.

File picture of planet earth / Credit: iStock

Finns are using up their share of the world’s resources faster than most other countries.

Every year the WWF calculates ‘Earth Overshoot Day’, when the world uses up more resources than it can regenerate in that same year.

Back in 1987 when that date was first calculated, the Earth went into ecological debt on 23rd October. Fast forward to last year, and the date was already 1st August.

Finland however has gone into ecological debt already today, four months ahead of the rest of the planet.

“Despite the talk of sustainable development, we have not been able to reduce overcapacity during the 21st century. Over-consumption of natural resources is the ultimate sustainability gap in our society” says WWF Finland’s Jussi Nikula.

According to the WWF, if all the people in the world were consuming the way Finns do, 3.8 Earths would be needed to sustain that level of resource usage. The main culprits in Finland are energy production, transport, and food production.