Finns’ confidence in life and the economy after coronavirus improves

A survey from some of Finland's best-known business brands takes a look at how people are changing their habits, and showing more faith in the economy.

Coronavirus economics graphic

A new survey highlights how Finns are relaxing their own personal coronavirus restrictions as the epidemic subsides, and how they have more confidence in life after the pandemic.

The study was carried out by the Federation of Finnish Industries EK and Enter2020, a coalition of ten of Finland’s leading companies including Kone, VR, Fortum, Elisa and Valio.

It found that most people were not restricting their movements, or physical contact with friends or family. Only 44% of people said they restricted physical contact with friends in their free time during the coronavirus crisis, whereas the figure was 68% at the end of May.

Answering another question in the survey at the end of June 91% of people said they trust that they’re not in danger from coronavirus in their daily lives, while a month before at the end of May number was 81%.

“It is a pleasure to see that Finns feel safe from the corona. However, it is good to keep in mind that the pandemic is not over yet” says Elisa CEO Veli-Matti Mattila.

“That is why it is good for people to continue to take care of their own responsibility in preventing infections, for example by washing their hands and keeping safety distances” he adds.

Other new habits are changing too 

The EK/Enter2020 poll also found that most people continued to work remotely in June, even as the government has gradually lifted restriction.

A recommendation to continue working remotely remains in place until the end of July.

“In many organizations, plans for gradual return and the combination of local and telework have been made since the early summer. At Elisa, too, we have prepared for a tiered and safe return to the office” says Mattila.

The survey also found there was a small return of confidence in the country’s economy with 35% of people said they trusted the economy in the near future, up from 27% just a month before.