Finns among the world’s worst for CO2 flight emissions

Researchers looked at the amount of CO2 emissions caused by flying, per capita. Singapore was the worst - but Finland and Iceland are close behind.

File picture of plane in flight / Credit: iStock

Finns are among the world’s worst when it comes to the amount of CO2 emissions from flying.

New figures from The International Council on Clean Transportation looked at data around jet fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and passengers on flights, making sure to only count Finns on planes, and not foreign visitors flying in and out of the country.

Researchers found that Finns are responsible for 1000kg of CO2 flight emissions per capita every year. That’s the same as Iceland, and only outstripped by Singaporeans who emit more than 1200kg of CO2 per person, per year.

The global average is just 98kg.

Other countries like Australia, UK and Sweden were also responsible for more than 600kg of CO2 emissions per capita.

Researchers say that a country’s level of economic development undeniably plays a role in their emissions output, as in each of top ten countries a larger-than-average portion of the population has enough money to fly.

Graph showing top 10 countries with most CO2 emissions per capita, in 2018 / Credit: ICTT