Finnair extends meals-to-go sales, adds in-flight juice and extra jobs

The ready meals have been popular with consumers, and now available in more cities.

File picture showing Taste of Finnair ready meals / Credit: Finnair

Finnair is expanding its cooperation with K-Group after sales of ready-meals inspired by on-board service have proved a hit with consumers.

The meals-to-go range will be available in ten additional K-Group supermarkets from the beginning of December, with the pre-packed portions sold in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku, Hämeenlinna and Porvoo.

“The sale of Taste of Finnair ready meals has started really well, for which we thank all our customers. Thanks to the December expansion, we can now employ three to five more people in the Finnair Kitchen” explains Marika Nieminen, Finnair Kitchen’s Director of Operations.

The company is also starting sales of Finnair-branded blueberry juice, which has been served to passengers since 2014, in 300 K-Group stores. The juice is produced in Turku by Eckes-Granin.

“Blueberry juice has been a personal part of Finnair’s service for a long time, and it has received praise from both our Finnish and international customers. Now it can also be enjoyed at home” says Nieminen, adding that up to a million liters are consumed by passengers every year on Finnair flights.

File picture showing Taste of Finnair ready meal / Credit: Finnair

Finnair launched their Taste of Finnair range in October as an experiment to see if they could make some money, re-open the Helsinki Airport kitchen, and keep a number of staff employed preparing the foods.

The ready-meal menus, which will change every two weeks, offer two main course options Monday to Sunday, with an additional appetizer available on the weekend – and diners can expect more than just chicken or beef with the meals inspired by Nordic and Japanese flavours, and seasonal ingredients like reindeer meatballs, roast carrot with blue cheese, and beef and teriyaki radish sauce.

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