Finnair begins new round of layoff talks today

The airline has recently announced it's back-to-business strategy but there won't be enough work for all the staff on partly restored flights schedules.

File picture of Finnair plane / Credit: Finnair

Finnair is starting additional layoff talks today involving more than 6,000 staff.

Although the national carrier has announced a return to around 30% of its services from July – and plans to operate 70% of flights from the end of the year – there is not going to be enough work for all its staff at first.

The airline previously announced temporary layoffs and these will now be extended to include more staff.

“Considering the uncertainties caused by travel restrictions and the coronavirus situation in general, the return to normal will take a considerable time. That is why the temporary layoffs we now start negotiations on unfortunately seem to be inevitable” says Johanna Karppi, Finnair’s Senior Vice President for People & Culture.

Last week Finnair unveiled its summer schedule and set out the return to business strategy to get flights in the air after the worst of the coronavirus crisis. However a number of Finnish cities will not have any domestic flights this summer and have complained about being left out of Finnair’s route map.

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