Finland’s longest, fastest ride promises 5G-force thrills

The new roller coaster was custom built for the tricky terrain at the Helsinki city centre amusement park.

Carriage from the new Linnanmäki roller coaster ride Taiga / Credit: Linnanmäki Instagram

Before Linnanmäki amusement park even opened on Tuesday morning, Managing Director Pia Adlivankin had already ridden the new Taiga roller coaster twice.

And she’s clearly energised by the experience!

“You have two launches, four times upside down, an upside down loop, another launch half way through and a big loop at the end” she explains.

The Taiga ride represents a multi-million euro investment for Helsinki’s city centre theme park, and managers visited hundreds of roller coasters in different locations to hand pick the best features they wanted to see combined together at Linnanmäki.

“This is a taiga bird, an eagle, it makes different flights over the terrain, and you feel like an eagle on the ride” says Adlivankin.

The Swiss-designed roller coaster replaces several older attractions at the park including a fun house and water splash ride, and the tallest loop of track can be seen from across the city, changing Helsinki’s skyline.

“It’s a completely unique ride that’s been tailor-made for us, to fit in a challenging terrain in between different buildings and rides. The spectacular feature is that it crosses four other rides, so sometimes when you go upside down you pass other people on their rides” Adlivankin tells News Now Finland.

The Taiga roller coaster is more than 1km long and reaches speeds in excess of 100km per hour making it Finland’s longest and fastest ride, where passengers experience 5G-force of pressure as they go round.

“We wanted the air time, where you feel it in your stomach. There is only a lap bar holding you in, but it’s very secure” says Adlivankin.

WATCH: Linnanmäki’s new Taiga roller coaster ride